NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Premium high speed symmetric Fibre to accelerate your business.

About NBN Enterprise ethernet

The future of business

Experience premium high speed, symmetric Fibre connectivity directly to your business with NBN Enterprise Ethernet. As the demand for rapid Internet increases, NBN Enterprise Ethernet provides the solution by offering scalable bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to nearly 1000Mbps.

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High Speed Symmetric Fibre

NBN Enterprise Ethernet provides scalable bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to nearly 1000Mbps.

Enhanced SLA

99.95% uptime target combined with a 12 hour restoration target upgradable to 4 hours.

Managed Router

Add an Ace Managed Router to optimise your NBN Enterprise Ethernet service.

Proactive Monitoring

During our operational hours, we actively monitor each NBN Enterprise Ethernet service and will contact you if we suspect any service disruption.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Accelerate your business into the future

Upgrade to NBN Enterprise Ethernet and experience:

  • Premium high speed connectivity
  • Dependable and scalable Internet
  • Support from our expert Australian based team
  • Access all of your cloud based services from one powerful connection

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NBN ENterprise ethernet

Frequently asked questions about NBN Enterprise Ethernet

How much does NBN Enterprise Ethernet cost per month

As an expert provider of telecommunications services to the business market, we take the time to understand the unique needs of each customer before providing a proposal. The pricing for NBN Enterprise Ethernet can vary based on location, in addition to other requirements such as Managed Router and redundancy requirements.

What are the upfront costs to connect NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Currently an estimated 1.5 million businesses can connect to NBN Enterprise Ethernet. The majority of those businesses are eligible for a $0 connection/Fibre build fee when committing to a 36 month contract.

How long does it take to connect to NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Typically most NBN Enterprise Ethernet services are connected in 50 to 60 business days.

Do I need to provide a router

A business grade router with an Ethernet WAN port is required. Optionally Ace Communications can provide a Managed Router and WiFi solution.

Can I upgrade the speed of the service

NBN Enterprise Ethernet provides scalable bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to nearly 1000Mbps. Customers can upgrade the speed of the service up to nearly 1000Mbps.

What differentiates NBN Enterprise Ethernet from standard NBN plans

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is delivered over an end to end Fibre network direct to your business. This ensures business grade performance and reliability.

What is the installation process for NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Typically the installation process for NBN Enterprise Ethernet is:

  • Order is lodged with NBN Co and a target delivery date is provided
  • Site survey is completed
  • Scope of works document is provided to you for review
  • Fibre is hauled to your building
  • Internal cabling of the service is completed to your rack
  • NBN equipment is installed
  • Network configuration is completed
  • Service handover is completed and ready for use

We have been working with Ace Communications since its beginning and always have been very happy with their support and fastidious responses. I would happily recommend them to anybody.

Dirk Kuiper - AMS Instrumentation & Calibration