NBN Business Plans

Fast, reliable and cost effective Internet connectivity.


Fast, Reliable Internet with Australian based support

Our NBN Business Plans are designed to maximise your business’s productivity with fast, reliable, and cost-effective Internet connectivity. Our expert and friendly Australian-based support team is here to provide you help when it matters most.

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Premium, Reliable Service

Premium, reliable service with high speed connectivity

Static IP Address

All NBN Business services include one static IP address at no extra charge.

Managed Router

Add an Ace Managed Router to optimise your NBN service.

Proactive Monitoring

During our operational hours, we actively monitor each NBN Business service and will contact you if we suspect any service disruption.


Cost effective high speed Internet

Choose Ace Communications for your NBN service and experience:

  • Premium high speed connectivity
  • Optional 4G service for redundancy
  • Support from our expert Australian-based team
  • Access to all NBN Speed Tiers up to 250/100Mbps (subject to NBN technology)

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NBN Business Plans


NBN Enhanced Service Level Agreement

Add a NBN Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA) for priority support and quicker fault resolution with NBN.

A NBN eSLA ensures maximum up time and reliability. We recommend all businesses consider adding this to their service to minimise disruptions and to maintain high speed Internet connectivity.

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Frequently asked questions about NBN Business Plans

What is the cost of a NBN Business Plan

As an expert provider of telecommunications services to the business market, we take the time to understand the unique needs of each customer before providing a proposal.

How long does it take to connect a service

The time frame for establishing a NBN Business service with Ace Communications can vary significantly, from just a few hours to weeks or longer. The time is dependant on if an appointment with a NBN technician is needed or if there is a lack of necessary infrastructure.

How does a NBN Business Plan differ to a NBN Enterprise Ethernet service

NBN Business Plans are primarily for small businesses with speed tiers from 50/20Mbps through to 250/100Mbps subject to NBN technology. NBN Enterprise Ethernet is premium high speed, symmetric Fibre with lower latency than a NBN Business plan. NBN Enterprise Ethernet offers scalable symmetric bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to nearly 1000Mbps.

Can I add a NBN Enhanced Service Level Agreement

Yes, NBN Enhanced Service Level Agreements (eSLA) can be added to all NBN Business Plans (except for those on NBN Fixed Wireless). A NBN Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA) provides priority support and quicker fault resolution with NBN.

Can I upgrade to Fibre to the Premises

Selected areas are eligible to upgrade from FTTN/FTTC to FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). If your premises is eligible, Ace Communications is a participating provider in the FTTP Fibre Upgrade program.

Do I need to provide a router?

A router is required and we recommend a business grade router is used. In some cases a VDSL2 modem is required. Optionally Ace Communications can provide a Managed Router and WiFi solution.

We have been working with Ace Communications since its beginning and always have been very happy with their support and fastidious responses. I would happily recommend them to anybody.

Dirk Kuiper - AMS Instrumentation & Calibration