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An Ace NBN service provides you access to a high speed connection which can be utilised for both your data and VoIP requirements. We support all NBN connectivity options aside from the NBN Skymuster Satellite service.
An Ace Business NBN service provides you with both greater efficiency and lower operating costs particularly when combined with an Ace VoIP solution. Our NBN plans deliver a high quality and reliable service with local Australian support.


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  • High quality customer support based in Australia
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  • Static IP included by default
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  • Ability to monitor usage through My Ace Account web site
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  • Shaping (slowing) of your service once your data limit is reached, no excess data charges apply
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  • Option to purchase additional data blocks once shaped

NBN Plans and Pricing

In order for Ace to provide you a NBN recommendation for your location please complete the below form and a
sales team member will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements in further detail.

    What is the cost to connect to NBN?

    If you have a current connection, in most cases there are no additional charges to switch over to NBN. Charges may apply if you connect a new phone or internet service, connect a newly built property, or add extras such as connection points.

    What is NBN TC-4 and TC-2?

    Traffic Class 4 (TC-4) is used for the delivery of general internet services across the NBN network. Traffic Class 2 (TC-2) offers higher-performance internet and data and provides greater consistency with download and upload speeds.

    Why do I need an NBN installation appointment?

    In order to switch to NBN, your office must be located in an NBN network area. If you’re new to the NBN network, you’ll need a technician to connect your address to NBN as they have the right tools and knowledge to install the equipment inside your office. The technician can assist with complex set-ups that require multiple devices, installing additional wall sockets, or fixing issues with connection quality.

    What’s included in the NBN plan

    Inclusions are dependent on your needs and the plan selected. Give our expert team a call on 1300 ACE COM (1300 223 266) to have a chat about how NBN can benefit you.

    NBN for Business FAQs

    Can I cancel my NBN connection if I’m not happy with it?

    If you’re unhappy with your NBN connection, you can cancel at any time. However, charges may apply.

    What hardware do I need to set up NBN for my business?

    You’ll need an NBN-compatible modem to get started on the NBN network. Routers with a gigabit WAN port that are able to access bandwidth services up to 1000/1000Mbps may be compatible with NBN. Custom configurations may be applied to your current infrastructure to allow access to NBN.

    Which bandwidth profile should I choose for my internet connection?

    This depends on the needs of your business.

    TC-4 provides a high-speed, standard connection to the NBN network. TC-4 may suit small businesses that access the internet for non-critical applications such as e-mail, video streaming, and web browsing.

    TC-2 is capable of handling high-priority applications such as video conferencing and cloud services. TC-2 may suit larger businesses with a heavier reliance on internet services.

    What will happen to my existing ADSL/Cable connection?

    You’ll be unable to access your services through ADSL/Cable once you set up NBN, and you’ll be unable to revert back to ADSL/Cable once the NBN connection has been made.

    What happens to my existing phone lines?

    Your phone line will run via the internet once you’re connected to NBN. If your business is using a VoIP or PBX service, there will be no change to the way your phone calls are delivered.

    Is my medical or security alarm compatible with NBN?

    Before you switch to NBN, check with your alarm provider to see if it is compatible with the NBN network. You may need to find alternatives that are compatible with NBN. For more information about medical alarms and NBN, visit the Medical Alarm Register.

    Does my NBN plan include a landline handset?

    Ace Communications is more than happy to arrange this for you. For more information about plans and inclusions, complete the form below or give us a call on 1300 223 266.

    Do I need 4G LTE failover on my NBN Service?

    If you can’t afford downtime for your business, a 4G LTE failover allows you to stay connected. If your primary NBN network goes down due to an unscheduled outage, the 4G LTE failover provides a secondary connection, minimising any downtime.

    What is a static IP address and why is it important for NBN?

    A static IP address is a fixed address that is assigned by your internet service provider (ISP) to a device. The IP address does not change, allowing other devices to easily find and connect to the device. A static IP address provides the flexibility of allowing access to printers on the network, file hosting, and even remote access to the network. Plus, when you’re away, the NBN works with your static IP address to give you access to your system, allowing you to connect a camera or access your workstation on the go.