How Do I Get a VOIP Phone Number?

While much has changed in business over the previous few decades, there have been constants. Your customers – and your relationships to them – are still central to your success, but how we form and maintain those relationships has been altered by new and emerging technologies.

Case in point: the humble business phone. The Internet has given us numerous new ways to connect to our customers, but the immediacy and intimacy of a phone call has never been replaced. Instead, the Internet has simply changed how we access and provide this service to our staff and customers. For businesses, the flexibility and enhanced functionality of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) compared to traditional landline services had led to this technology becoming dominant in the corporate space, even prior to the shutdown of ISDN services this year.

With VoIP now the dominant force in the market, it’s vital that anyone looking to either establish a new business or migrate their existing one understand how to access the service. To assist you, Ace Communications has prepared this short guide spelling out exactly what you need to do to get a VoIP number for your business.

Step One – Identify Your Needs

Getting a VoIP phone number is like any new business asset – it has to fit your requirements and support your goals. The size and nature of your organisation will go a long way to determining the VoIP system that you need. For example if you’re a sole trader working from home, it’s unlikely that you’ll need multiple extensions or lines as it’s just you who will be making and receiving calls relating to the business. Conversely, growing businesses that are looking to increase their headcount in the near future may wish to consider a multiple line or multiple extension system.

Fortunately, the extreme flexibility of VoIP means that adding new numbers as your company adds new staff is only as complicated as speaking to your provider. Ace Communications offers new VoIP lines in the form of Hosted PBX (Phone System) extensions from only $11 per month, making it simple and cost effective to keep your whole team connected.

Step Two – Work with a VoIP Provider that can meet your needs

There are a vast number of VoIP providers out there offering a galaxy of choice in terms of cost, features, service, support and reliability, and not all of them will be right for you or will be able to deliver the service promised. Start with where you are. VoIP is by its nature extremely flexible, meaning that there’s no reason to invest more than you can afford in an attempt to future-proof yourself. Work with a provider who understands your industry, your business’ level of maturity and your goals and form a partnership with them.

For nearly two decades, Ace Communications has specialised in delivering cutting-edge telecommunications technology to Australia’s small to medium business market – if you’re looking to take a step into VoIP, we can tailor a VoIP business plan or VoIP Hosted PBX Service to your precise needs, so you’re getting exactly what you want at a cost effective price.

Step Three – Set Up Your System

You’ve taken the time to understand your needs, you’ve partnered with a VoIP service provider who can give you the flexibility to grow sustainably, now it’s time to set up your service.

Ace Communications, with over 15 years experience in delivering VoIP solutions to the business market will guide you through the process of setting up your number, assigning your new extensions to your team members and configuring your desired call routing. If you’re ready to join the future of business telecommunications, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will be more than happy to guide you through everything you need to know about setting up a new VoIP Phone number and VoIP Phone System. Enquire online today.