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Important information from Ace Communications regarding your Domain Registration

Dear Valued Customer,

You are receiving this email as a customer of Ace Communications who has a domain name registered through us.

Please be advised that this week we will commence transferring all .au domains registered through Ace Communications to a new domain registrar.  This change will have no impact on you directly, however we need your assistance in approving the transfer.

We are completing the transfer in order to ensure we can continue to support your domain services in a prompt and timely fashion.

What you should expect

You will receive an email from “Micron21 Panel” requesting that you authorise the transfer. We have included below an example of the email you will receive. It is important to note who the email is from and the contents of the email.

What you need to do

Upon receiving this email you must click on the line/link – “If you wish to proceed with this transfer, please click here”.

To confirm this email you are reading now is legitimate you can check our web site here for a copy of this email. If you still have any concerns regarding the legitimacy of this email please contact our support team via phone on 1300 223 266.

Kind regards,

Ace Support Team
Ace Communications Group Pty Ltd

p: 1300 223 266